Student Films Premiere at BECADocs Film Festival

Author: Department of BECA
February 7, 2022

The BECADocs Winter 2021 Film Festival showcased four documentaries produced by graduate students in BECA 797. From camera set up to final edits, students learned and utilized a variety of skills to make these documentaries a reality. Guided by Professor Hongo’s principle of “Do stories that you care about, because passion always inspires your best work,” these students captured four unique stories to share.


Do you Live Here?

By Alexander Whittlesey

Jean Jones is a survivor, a writer and a mother who inhabits the Point Reyes countryside, north of San Francisco. This personal homage celebrates the personality and journey of this unique Marin local while asking if the black body can find space amidst the largely white affluence of the North Bay.


Gardening Bayview

By Molly Blair Salyer

In a time when connection to others can feel difficult, in a place where connecting to the earth can feel just as remote, Gardening Bayview celebrates the hope, care, and community that grows from digging in the dirt.


Black and Blue

By Holden Aguirre

An exploration of LGBTQ+ leather subculture told through the experiences of folks who are involved in the community in a myriad of ways.


Queen Nini

By Callie Lawson-Freeman and Christopher Harris

From small island Tonga to traveling all over the globe, Kuinini Manamua became the first female athlete to represent Tonga in weightlifting against all odds. Queen Nini takes a look into one exceptional woman’s path to success.

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