Master of Fine Arts in BECA

The Department of Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts (BECA) M.F.A. Graduate Program invites those who wish to pursue an exciting, dynamic education in media arts with distinguished faculty in our state-of-the-art facilities in San Francisco.

By emphasizing the intersection between art practice, theory, and pedagogy, the 60-unit, three year M.F.A. in Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts encourages students to develop a vibrant practice and artistic aesthetic, strengthen their ability to think, write and speak critically about their work, and prepare to teach in the media arts.

The culminating M.F.A. experience is a creative project of the student’s design with the guidance of a faculty mentor, which may be video, audio, television, radio/podcasting, scriptwriting, sound design, social media production and media marketing, among many possibilities. 

Complete degree requirements for the Master of Fine Arts in BECA are available from the SF State Bulletin.

BECA studio with audio board and tv screens

Applications to the BECA M.F.A. program must be submitted through CalState Apply by February 1 for consideration. Applicants must meet the minimum university GPA requirement of 3.0 and submit the transcript information as requested. International students whose dominant language is not English must also submit their TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores, as required by the SF State Graduate Division. To apply, go to CalStateApply.

As part of the application, BECA M.F.A. applicants must also submit the following:

Personal Statement

The personal statement should demonstrate the ability to write at the graduate level. It should address an applicant’s ability to engage in advanced theoretical work, and discuss their interest in pedagogy. Specific details about the applicant’s creative practice, and the types of creative projects they want to pursue while in the program, should also be provided. Applicants may also indicate at least one faculty member in the BECA Department who they believe can offer the guidance necessary to help them achieve their goals while in the program.

Recommendation Letters

A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required. Up to three recommendation letters will be accepted as part of the application. One letter should (ideally) be written by a faculty member. However, letters from individuals associated with the applicant’s professional production, research, teaching or creative practice are also accepted. All letters should evaluate the applicant’s ability to do advanced theoretical work and their ability to write at the graduate level. They should also address the applicant’s interest in pedagogy and potential for teaching, as well as their creative practice and interests.


Applicants must include a link to their digital portfolios of their creative work. An exhibition list of each creative example in the portfolio must be provided. The role the applicant played in each piece, and its relevance to what they want to do in the program must be clarified.

A Production and Exhibition Résumé

Please provide a résumé that focuses on your record of production work, art exhibitions, professional presentations, published articles, honors and awards, and other exhibitions and distribution of your work.

  1. Discuss your ability to engage in advanced theoretical work, your interest in pedagogy and your creative practice.
  2. Offer specific details about your creative practice, and the  types of creative projects you want to pursue while in the program.
  3. Indicate at least one faculty member in the BECA Department who you believe will offer the guidance necessary to help you achieve your goals while in the program.
  4. Provide a production and exhibition résumé that describes the creative projects you have completed or that are in progress that reflects the trajectory you want to pursue in the BECA M.F.A. program and your potential to succeed in it. A record of exhibition (class presentations, festivals, professional work, etc.) of the work should also be provided.
  5. Provide a link to your digital portfolio of creative work along with an exhibition list of each creative example it features. The role you played in each piece, and its relevance to what you want to do in the program, should be clarified for each.
  6. List any scholarships, fellowships, grants or awards you have received.

Questions? Please contact Dr. Melissa Camacho, Graduate Coordinator, by email at

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