Professor Camacho: Twitter Trump Ban Does Not Violate Free Speech

Author: Department of BECA
January 21, 2021

BECA Professor Melissa Camacho was recently featured in the news commenting on Twitter banning Donald Trump. 


KHSL-CHANNEL 12 (CHICO) -- Action News Now asked if a professor at San Francisco State University if this violates free speech.

“Companies like Facebook and Twitter have terms of services that people agree to,” said Professor Melissa Camacho, an associate professor at San Francisco State University.

Professor Camacho says in the past few years, Twitter and Facebook have been trying to crack down on disinformation while still trying to let people to speak freely.

“From a media perspective, no, it’s not censorship,” said Professor Camacho.

“You’re not being banned from saying anything. You are being banned because you violated the contract of service.”

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