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Friday, February 22, 2019

Drivers of Social TV Engagement: New Insights from Jiyoung Cha’s Study

Jiyoung Cha, associate professor of the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Department, published her research on “Social Television Engagement: An Engagement of Content, Interpersonal, and Medium Relationships” in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, First Monday.

The article features the results of Cha’s study on predictors of social television engagement. Recognizing the challenges that the rise of online video platforms poses to traditional television, her study examines the role of television content as a social tool. Given that industry reports show a positive relationship between social television and viewership of television programs, her study tackles how to increase social television engagement. Her findings demonstrate the importance of an individual’s relationship with television content, with the social networking site, and with contacts on the social networking site in predicting intention to engage in social TV.

Specifically, an individual’s affinity for viewing television programs, preference for the drama and music/variety genres, relational trust with contacts on a social networking site, and frequency of using the social networking site are important factors affecting intention to engage in social television. Also, Cha’s study found that the stronger social networking site users feel their ties are with their contacts on the social networking site, the more likely they are to engage in social TV.