SFSU transition to remote instruction

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

All BECA classes are now being held via remote instruction due to COVID-19 protocol. Click here to see the SFSU Student Quickguide for remote learning.

In order to minimize person to person contact, all business will be conducted via SFSU email. Make sure to regularly check your official student email account (name@mail.sfsu.edu).

All BECA labs and production spaces are closed. They cannot be used at this time.

iLearn will become very important during this time. Be sure to check your class iLearn pages regularly.

  • For questions about classes, email your professor and be patient when trying to contact them. Face to face meetings with your professors are not possible at this time. Faculty emails can be found here: https://beca.sfsu.edu/people
  • For questions about graduation applications or student petitions email Ty Robinson: tyrob11@sfsu.edu
  • For general questions email: beca@sfsu.edu

Please know that BECA Faculty and Staff care about all of you and are deeply committed to your educational success. We are working very hard to make the best of this difficult situation.

Most importantly, take care of yourselves and the people around you. Click here to download the SFSU Basic Needs Community Resource List.