BECA Student Wins BEA Award

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
The BECA Department congratulates Macy Tolleson who won Second Place for her GWAR paper "Exploring Generative Music's Past, Present, and Future: Integrating AI into the Music Industry" in BEA's Interactive Media & Emerging Technologies division, debut category.
ABSTRACT: Generative music is an exciting and cutting-edge field in the audio industry and can also be defined as algorithmic, or AI driven music composition. Generative music is the product of over one hundred years of developing music and science, and major contributions to the field include David Cope’s machine, EMI, or Experiments in Musical Intelligence, which can generate original music in the style of any composer. EMI has created the technological foundation for potential contemporary and future generative music technology. In addition, MIR, or Musical Information Retrieval, is vital to generative music’s potential future. MIR retrieves metadata stored in audio signals and can categorize metadata into multiple categories for use. MIR is recently being developed using deep learning, the newest frontier of AI. In addition, Francois Pachet leads Spotify research labs in Paris, France, on the development of AI driven music composition, combining EMI and MIR with deep learning to create a Flow Machine. This paper overviews foundational technologies to generative music field such as EMI, MIR, and deep learning, and analyzes the implications of integrating AI into the music industry and the potential positive and negative effects.
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Congrats on being recognized for your hard work, Macy!