BECA Mission, Vision, and Learning Outcomes

BECA Vision 

To be the preeminent educational hub in content creation for evolving technologies and to prepare students for a radically innovative media industry.

BECA Mission 

The Department of Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts prepares students to create and critically evaluate content in the media arts. Our curriculum provides a balance of theory and practice, while guiding students in the use of media to effectively communicate ideas that serve the evolving needs of society. Students go on to become innovative and ethical industry leaders who advance equity, social justice, and global citizenship.

BECA B.A. Program Learning Outcomes

1. Apply aesthetic theory to the practice of media production.
2. Use effective communication strategies, including media terminology as appropriate, in the creation and analysis of electronic and digital media content.
3. Integrate research related media theory into the conception and distribution of media content.
4. Conceptualize, design, and write stories for electronic and digital media.
5. Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental and advanced media production concepts and techniques. 
6. Analyze and write about electronic and digital media’s role in and impact on culture and society.
7. Critically evaluate business trends and the legal and regulatory frameworks of electronic and digital media industries. 
8. Promote ethical standards and social justice in the creation and distribution of electronic media. 

BECA M.A. Program Learning Outcomes

1. Understand, compare, and apply multiple theories and approaches from the body of research on
mediated communication.
2. Understand and demonstrate basic skills in audio, video, or multi-media production.
3. Understand and apply ethical standards and principles in analysis or creation of media content.
4. Understand theories and methods of media and cultural criticism, social scientific research
methods, or studies in media aesthetics; apply these theories in research or production.
5. Demonstrate skills in effective research and writing as appropriate for project proposals, media
scripts, research essays, and other media related written work.
6. Understand the skills necessary for advanced level work in media research and criticism, or media
production; complete a project of significant length to demonstrate this proficiency.

BECA Core Values

1. Academic Excellence and Impact 
  • 1. Eminence in teaching and research
  • 2. Scholarship that deepens critical thinking 
  • 3. Creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness
2. Inclusiveness and Diversity
  • 1. Civility and free exchange of ideas
  • 2. Local and global community engagement
  • 3. Appreciation for diverse perspectives and dissent
3. Integrity and Transparency
  • 1. Academic freedom
  • 2. Ethical behavior
  • 3. Shared governance
4. Stewardship
  • 1. Strategic and equitable financial management
  • 2. Emphasis on sustainability and advancement
  • 3. Implementation of policies that support the mission and vision statements